Virtual Field Trips

Google Doc of this Page (makes a copy in your Drive)

Virtual field trips are a great way to "get out of the classroom" into a world students might not have the opportunity to visit.

Google Maps -  - works in the browser, great for street view pictures
Google Earth Pro for Desktop - - must download to PC computer
Google Earth - - works in the browser with most functions of the desktop version

Google My Maps - In Drive, create a New map that is saved in your Drive. Add text and photos to pinned locations.

YouTube 360° video - Search YouTube for 360° videos. Better to do the searching and assign it to the students to watch, insert it into Google Slides,  or just watch on the SMARTBoard

National Geographic 360° video -

Google Slides - Add video from YouTube or video that is saved in your Google Drive
Insert menu → Video → Select Google Drive and navigate to your video - Better yet, search the video, enter it into safeshare tv and watch the video without distractions

Google Art and Culture -
Explore collections from around the world, has museums, virtual field trips

Google Expeditions -

More Examples

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